This is the official web site of Muhammad Hassan an Author of 15 books that include: 10 novels,in  Pashto language and 5 history  books of the Pakhtun Kings of Delhi of the medival period,in Urdu language.These books are all published and available for sale.The Author has completed another 2 history books of the  Pakhtun Kings of medival period, pending for publication.The author is a graduate of the Punjab University and a Journalism Diploma Holder. He is a post graduate of Manchester University UK. He has  Public Service experience of 30 years.The ten  books of fiction have masterpiece actual  stories  of love, crime and mostly based on reformist approach.However the fiction books may have actual stories but the  writer has laid them and interwoven them in fictional attractive dialogue and  action.Most of them stem from Pashtun social  history, from the author personal,public  experience and knowledge.
    The history of seven Pashtun Kings would shed light on the ancient times of the sucontinent of India. The subcontinent was scattered in more than 500 small and petty states reigned by Rajas in their authoritarian rule.The ancient history books and imperial gazetters of British Raj period were really helpful in the  research work  of the author. To search and  consult other source books written during the British Raj, in 19 th century took me  twenty five years.The Ancient history books are available mostly  in UK,USA, Canada and India' libraries . The result of the search is really rewarding.Tarikh Fakhr Muddabar by Fakhruddin  Mubarak Shah and Tabaqat Nasiri by Minhaj Siraj and many other books written in 12th and 13th centuries yield valuable  light on the Pakhtun History.The Ancient Geography book written by Kanningham,the imperial Gazetters of India composed  during the British Raj, in the settlement time of landed propert, owners and traditions.  .The 20th century history books written by Muslim writers like Khaliq Ahmad Nizami(History of Religion and Politics in India  During 13 th century) and  of Habib Ullah (The Foundation Of Muslim Rule in India) were helpful to the extent of these 7 Kings  contribution to spread of civilization  in the Sub Continent. The people of the  Sub Continent did not know ALLAH ,the One God.They did not know the message of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). How Shababuddin Muhammad Ghori has established Muslim Rule and  spread of Islam from Ghazni to Bengal? It was during his  26 expeditions of thirty years(1175 AD to 1206 AD) that he has united hundred of petty states into one mumlikat of the Sub Continent  under one central  Government from Delhi. Malik Qutubuddin Aibak was the first King of the Sub Continent at Delhi who was succeeded by other  Pashtun Kings in the subsequent years.They have established the modern  system of Government  with the basic welfare and welbeing of the public.The author  has written discovered the history of education,of human right, of land development and social revolution, as obtaining in the medival period. To give a practical answer to all these questions  and reduce them in writing into modern history,the writer  Muhammad Hassan has travelled to UK, USA and Canada for his research work, linking some missing  points in history books.The local Pashto litrature and fables are real sources of the basic root of Pakhtuns and Pakhtun  Kings to disprove the slave theory,subscribed by prejudiced writers about the  great Pakhtun King Qutub, King Altamash and King Balban. The title of seven history  books are:
1) History of King  Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori
2) King  Malik Qutbuddin Aibak.
3) King Shamsuddin Altamash.
4) King Ghayasuddin Balban.
5) King Alladdin Khilji.
Books under publication.
6) King  Junaid Muhammad Tughluq.
7) King Muhammad Farid Sher Shah Suri.