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Allauddin Khilji

Tabaqat Pakistan vol 4 :tarikhnama Allauddin Khilji (1250 - 1316 AD)
King Khilji was born in Laknauthi (Bengal) in1250 AD and was educated in Delhi. He was elected after the death of King Jalaluddin Khilji. During his period of kingdom(1295 -- 1316 AD) the Mongoli raiders were repulsed six times. The Mongolis were each time having more that 100,000 fighters. King Allauddin Khilji had the best organised Army and Finance system of his time.Zia Uddin Barni ( Tarikh Faroz Shahi) praises that his Amir and Wazir were so tecknically fit of their times and the King had so closely controlled the regular levy and recovery of taxes and revenue that it yelded the best results. He had the largest army of medieval times to maintain law and order in the subcontinent.It was during that time that King Allauddin had conquered 34 petty states in the south subcontinent and merged them under the administrative system and control of Delhi. Today one can see with naked eye that 24 Rajwaras are turned into 13 mordern states of the country of Bharat.These states have universities,colleges, schools and professional institutes of all denominations. These states are equal to half of the subcontinent total area. King Allauddin parentage comes from Garamsair(Bitani Pashtun) area of Afghanistan. General Bakhtiar Khilji was his grand father who had conquered the state of Bengal in 1202 AD, under the planned program of King Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori(1175-1206 AD).