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Ghiyasuddin Balban

Tabaqat Pakistan vol 3: Tarikhnama King Ghiyasuddin Balban (1206 - 1287 AD).
King Balban  was born in Helmand on15 March 1206 AD,tha was the day when the great Muslim King Shahab had died.King Balban was a Bitani Pakhtun and son of Malik Abar Khan.His father was killed in Samana by rebels during the reign of King Altamash(1210-1235 AD). King Balban was educated in the Moezzi college of Delhi and had remained as close assistant of six muslim rulers(1232 - 1266). With that experience in the affair of kingdom of the subcontinent, Balban was elected by the nobility of Delhi,after the death of King Nasiruddin Mahmud, as king of Delhi in 1266 AD. During his period of government(1266 - 1287 AD) King Balban quenched terrorism and highway robbery. King Balban has introduced the system of irrigation and clearance of forest areas in the mainland of the subcontinent, where usually the robbers and thieves had their hideouts. Thousands of acres of land recovered after cleaning the forest  was made arrable .It was all distributed among the locals with ownership title. During his government period the land produce of that area was so immense that the need of the  people were met.He built new towns and cities. During his reign trade and commerce had flourished. He has built military forts in every city.