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Junaid Muhammad Tughluq

Tabaqat Pakistan vol 5: tarikhnama King  Junaid Muhammad Tughluq (1287 - 1351 AD).
King Junaid Muhammad Tughlaq was highly educated and is known as genius king. During his time the subcontinent had 47 states to be ruled, controlled and put in peace. He had resolved 28 tough issues concerning tax and revenue recovery and embezelment cases  by the collectors. King Junaid Muhammad Tughluq had sent thousands of scholars to south subcontinent to educate the people,to open hundreds of schools and teaching institutions, as  is mentioned, in the history of King Allauddin those are now turned into great learning institutes.The people were previously ignored by the Rajas. King Junaid Muhammad Tughlaq has the incredible service of facing the epidamic in Doaba states. He took all the government hakims(doctors) and government functionaries personally.He suppervised and managed administering medicine and medical treatment of the  suffering and  diseased people.As far as the poor and land tillers were concerned King Junaid Muhammad Tughluq had granted  and distributed money to them to meet their need.Camping at Sargadwar he personally supervised the wellness and wellbeing of his people. King Tughluq has maintained law and order in the south subcontinent by personally going to Devgary along with his functionaries. King Tughluq was interested in the development of irrigation system for increasing  the land produce in his kingdom. He would  go out of Delhi  to stay in the provincial capitals  for months and months for maintenance of law  and order, for opening new canals and digging wells to irrigate the fallow  land,. He would be accompanied  with his Amir Koh, Amir Tamirat and other Engineers.The King died in Gujrat(1351 AD).