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Muhammad Farid Shershah Suri

Tabaqat Pakistan  vol 6:Tarikhnama Muhammad Farid Shershah Suri (1486 - 1545 AD).
King Farid was born in village Surezai(Peshawar). His grand father Malik Ibrahim Suri and  father Malik Hassan Khan Suri had come from GRAMSER (Afghanistan) on the invitation of King Bahlol Lodi. The Suri family  was granted the parganas of Sehsaram and Tanda(South India). Malik Ibrahim Suri died in Surizai in 9841AD.Malik Hassan Khan succeeded.When the latter died his son Muhammad Farid was appointed by Delhi King Ibrahim Lodhi as shiqdar of the two parganas. He was educated in the school of Jaunpur and had the benefit of serving that pargana. King Farid has made his the two parganas as the basic hut of a peasant to origanate civilisation. First  he developed the land and its produce to the extent of earning wealth for his functionaries and pargana  requirements. He had made a small defense force to face all the onslaught of his nabouring states and the dragon of Mughals. He was able to defeat the Sultans of Bengal and of South  Bihar.  Thereafter he fought one lakh of Hamayun who attacked him in 1539 AD at Bharkand.With ten thousand Afghan soldiers Farid has shown his mettle to defeat King Humayun and King Bengal in the battle of Bharkand(Bengal).  King of Bengal was killed along with his two sons. King Hamayun retreated to Delhi.On the way he had camped at CHAUSA, where he received another crushing defeat frim Farid.As a result of his defeat  King Hamayun plunged into the Karamanasa river but did not die to be was retrieved  by Nizam Saqa and was taken to Delhi. King Humayun   was defeated in Qanuj,third battle of supremacy between the two riavals.the Mongoli King made good his escape to leave the subcontinent. Farid became the king at Delhi(1540 AD). He has ruled for 5 years only, during which period, he changed the face  and fate of the subcontinent and the people, to improve their basic source of income through  increased land produce system and  trade, to earn 67 crore of yearli State Receipts. King Farid has built 4 way roads from Delhi to Peshawar,to  South India,to Bemgal and to North India and installed 1700 SERAIS at each 12 miles  distance for the convenience of traffick.. He improved the administrative system of the subcontinent, beginning with the management of land and law  from village to village, for peace and protection as well.The judicial system was re-organised with a munsif at he head of every district courts