Qutubuddin Aibak

Tabaqat Pakistan vol 1,Tarikhnama King Qutubuddin Aibak (1150 - 1210 AD).
The tarikhnama of King Qutubuddin Aibak will show that he was born in the famous town Aibak, Samangan province of Afghanistan on 1150 AD. He was  the son of Malik Aghalbak ibn Malik Abatak.He was educated in Sangan Darsgah under the tutelage of his maternal uncle Imam Fakharuddin ibn Abdul Aziz. King Qutub was trained in the art of war by his famous paternal uncles Albak and Malbak sons of Malik Abatak. The two Malikzada had served the Ghori Army during 1164-65 AD and were responsible to repulse the attack of raiders on Ghore state by Sultan Balkh, Sultan Bayan and Sultan Hirat, as author Minhaj Siraj writes in his Tabaqat Nasiri. King Qutub had started his career as Army officer under King Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori, during his 26 expeditions in the subcontinent.These expeditions were spread over a period of 30 years(1175AD-1206 AD). Qutubuddin Aibak has remained Viceroy of King Shahab from 1192-93 AD to administer the subcontinent on behalf of Ghazni kingdom under the supervision of King Shahab. When King Shahab died in 1206 AD ,the Pakhtun Jirga decided to separate Ghazni from the subcontinent and declared the newly built town of Delhi as capital . Author Shrivasta writes in his book( the life and times of Malik Qutubuddin Aibak) who was born in his Pakhtun tribe and town of Aibak was elected and installed as king of Delhi(1206 AD).He had introduced rules and regulation through his famous Farmans, as is recorded( Perso-Arabic Sources Of Information On Delhi Sultanate) for the  administration of Central and Provicial Governments.His advisors and ministers mere mainly drawn  from Ghazni and  Ghore. He was an eloquent speaker  and hafiz Quraan,a handsome, 6 feet high, a polo athlete. He died during polo game. His Kingdom  had last for four years only.