Shamsuddin Altamash

 Tabaqat Pakistan vol 2: Tarikhnama  King Shamsuddin Altamash (1167 - 1235 AD).
King Shamasuddin Altamash has ruled the subcontinent for 25 years. He had the experience of an army general .serving under King  Shahabuddin  and King Qutubuddin. He participated in all the 26 expeditions(1175-1206AD) in the subcontinent. He had been the governor of Badayn at the time of the death of King Qutub(1210 AD),that the Amir and Wazir of Delhi Sultanate elected and installed him as King of the subcontinent at Delhi, as recorded by Rekha Pandey in her book( Altamash) . In his first ten years of tenure as king Delhi, he had to face tough times due to the diturbance created (1210-1220AD) by Changez Khan, Khwarizm Shah,Tajuddin Yalduz and Nasiruddin Qibacha. Changez had pushed Khwarizm Shah from Kheva up to Ghazni.Then Khwarizm  pushed Tajuddin Yalduz to vacate Ghazni  and consequently Yalduz went to Lahore and pushed Nasiruddin Qibacha from Lahore.Khwarizm Shah had joined hands with the Raja of Koh Jud and started occupying some parts between Lahore and Jehlum ; Yalduz occupied Lahore with sufficient  lashkar . Nasiruddin Qibacha had gone to occupy the fort of Oach with independant authority from Delhi.  King Altamash took a strong continget of his army from Delhi and pushed out Khwarizm Shah via Bhakkar; Qibacha was ousted from Oach and Yalduz was chased upto Samana and was defeated and arrested and interned iin Badayun Jail, where Minhaj Siraj writes( Tabaqat Nasiri) that he died. King Altamash was known to be a successful administrator.
 King Altamash was born in Gardaiz(1167 AD). His father Malik Abdul Halim khan had fought the battle of Ghazni(1173 AD) and was killed. King Altamash is basically a Pashtun of Bakhtiar tribe of Gardaiz. King Altamash is famous for completing all the construction work in Delhi capital and other provincial capitals those were left incomplete by the sudden death of King Qutub. King Altamash had opened  education centers in all over the subcontinent, allowing the students free schooling and  residential housing.He had introduced the Kotwali(Mayor) system in  each city of the subcontinent to run the city affairs,to regulate prices and supply drinking water.He has granted 2000 land jagirs to prominent people for protection of roads and defence purposes.Kig Altamash was a  pious man He would spend all night in prayers and surveying the condition of destitutes.He was unique in disposing the civil and criminal appellate cases in a manner of hearing both parties and after consulting legal advisors awarding  court orders.